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Bushland ISD concerned about budget

Bushland ISD is left wondering how they will avoid a deficit this school year. Bushland is continuing to stay positive after their proposed tax increase failed to pass on Tuesday.

The school district proposed an 8¢ increase for every $1,000 on property tax. They needed the money to make sure they did not need to take money out of their reserves or go into deficit. Now that the Tax Rollback Election did not pass, the school might be forced to make cuts. 

Superintendent Don Woods told NewsChannel10 that he wants to continue to provide the high education that Bushland is known for. He says they need to continue to look for the most efficient way to run the school. This means program evaluations which means looking at how many supplies and utilities programs cost the school. 

Woods says even with the set back the school is going to continue to grow and thrive. They are just being forced to figure out how to reduce costs or increase funding.

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