Westcliff residents remember Hollee Spears

Westcliff residents remember Hollee Spears

Amarillo, TX -  If you drive down Tascosa Road, there's no longer an eyesore many referred to as the "red fence." The young woman who tackled that neighborhood beautification project was Hollee Spears.

"Everyone has to look at the ugly red fence. so, we're trying to get rid of that for you and make it a lot more pretty," said Spear in October of 2014.

Some Westcliff neighbors on Tascosa Road say have never seen anything like Spears.

"She had a lot of personality, had a good sense of humor, and was very detail oriented," said Westcliff neighbor Sue Church.

Spears is known in Westcliff for fixing a decaying 35-year-old fence last year. She organized neighborhood fundraisers through social media and fliers to raise $55,000 for the fence.

"It really hit a nerve with people that they were ready, they wanted to get this done," said Church. "It just took a young woman of 25 years to get it done. We looked to her as our leader."

Soon after the fence was complete, Spears and her family moved to the Fort Worth area. The move wasn't for a job, but because Spears had cystic fibrosis. She was on the top of the transplant list for a new liver and lungs.

Church was one of the few in the neighbors who knew she was sick. Spears passed away in September.

Now the residents are trying to rename Crestwood Way, the street that bisects the fence, to Hollee Spears Way.

"She's very deserving of this and I can't think of any better way that we can remember her," said Church.

The city council had their first reading to rename the street during Tuesday night's meeting and are in favor of the change to let the memory of Spears live on.

For their newest project, residents are also working to put a plaque on the fence Hollee helped restore with her name on it. Additionally, the neighborhood is putting on their first annual Hollee Jollee Christmas Lighting event. All neighbors are encouraged to go the extra mile with decorations and lights this Christmas Season. All in memory of Spears.