Clovis may enact a new voting law

Clovis may enact a new voting law

Clovis, NM - Some Clovis residents may not be able to vote in their next election.

In past elections Clovis residents were only required to provide their names, addresses, and signatures to vote; however, a potential new law may require more forms of identification. A political organization in Clovis called the Clovis Tea Party and High Plain Patriots want the city to require residents to show valid forms of identification, such as a drivers license when voting.

Several residents we spoke with feel the city should pass the law because it would prevent voter fraud, while some feel it would cause disenfranchisement. Clovis City Commissioner of District 3, Robert Sandoval, said voter fraud has not been an issue in Clovis. He said if it was he would be "leading the charge to do so."

Sandoval said the law will mostly affect the minorities, the elderly and the poor of Clovis because they do not have IDs or do not need them. He feels passing this law would make it harder for citizens to vote, and voting should be made easier not harder.

Albuquerque and two other cities already follow this policy. Sandoval feel this issue will be further discussed at their meeting in late November.