Dumas city attorney resigns

Dumas city attorney resigns
Thomas C. Moore, Dumas City Attorney
Thomas C. Moore, Dumas City Attorney

DUMAS, TX - Dumas is looking for a new city attorney.

Thomas Moore resigned Monday night at the Dumas City Council meeting.

He served as city attorney for 26 years, and is simply ready to retire.

The challenge now is to find his replacement.

Dumas's city charter states that the city attorney must live within the city limits.

Moore said there are not many attorneys in Dumas to chose from.

Mayor Pat Sims said Moore will help them find a replacement, and if necessary they may bring someone to Dumas to fill the job.

Moore's resignation is official on January 1, 2016.

He said he will continue to help the city as long as he needs to, and does not want them to stress about finding a replacement.

Moore said he will miss the people he has worked with, but is excited to do more fly fishing and traveling with his family.