City leaders still to decide overall fate of the ballpark

City leaders still to decide overall fate of the ballpark

Amarillo, TX -  The ballot item concerning the ballpark is a nonbinding referendum. This means at the end of the day the city council still has to vote on if there will be a the ballpark inside the MPEV.

The ballpark passed by 52%, but will the council follow the voice of the residents?

"I'm ready for us to just move forward, that's what I'm about," said Amarillo council member Elisha Demerson.

Demerson has never taken a public position on the ballpark, but says his vote will be based on Tuesday's election results.

"I've said it all along, I will absolutely abide by the outcome of the vote," said Demerson.

Council member Mark Nair, who has not been completely in favor of the ballpark, says he too will listen to the voters.

"I've been for exactly what we're getting, which is a public vote," said Nair. "It's a lot of money, it's city debt and I think that we need to hear from the people to make sure we spend the money. I want to hear from them about it."

Both Demerson and Nair say the city needs to move forward after Tuesday's election -- Something even some opponents of ballpark agree with.

"I think the key here is that we got it on the ballot and people were able to have their say on what they wanted downtown," said Amarillo Citizens for Tomorrow David Kossey. "I do think it's important that we protect the taxpayers because I think that's the biggest concern for everybody, is what's the risk for us over 30 years?"