Dixon murder-for-hire re-trial: Day 7

Dixon murder-for-hire re-trial: Day 7

LUBBOCK, TX - We continue to follow the Dr. Thomas Michael Dixon murder for hire re-trial.

Tuesday phone records between Dixon and David Shepard were shown to the court.

Dixon is accused of hiring Shepard to kill Lubbock pathologist Joseph Sonnier.

The records show multiple phone calls and text messages between Dixon and Shepard.

Some calls were shown between Shepard and Paul Reynolds.

Reynolds is Shepard's former roommate, who turned him in to the police when he suspected Shepard might have killed Sonnier.

Forensics specialists told the court where the calls were made from, and how long they lasted.

These exchanges started in May of 2012, several months before Sonnier's murder.

Court recessed around 4pm Tuesday, and will reconvene Wednesday morning at 9.