Jurors not showing up to District Court in Hutchinson County

Jurors not showing up to District Court in Hutchinson County

STINNETT, TX - The 316th District Court in Hutchinson County is struggling because people aren't showing up for jury duty.

Last Wednesday, 300 people were summoned for jury duty, and only 56 showed up to the courthouse.

Judge James Mosley says this is a problem he's seen increase over recent years.

He said that people move more than in previous generations, and some people never even get their jury duty notice because they've moved and failed to update their addresses.

But he also said there's about 100 of those pooled that just choose not to show up.

Mosley said often time he and others in the courtroom personally know people who have been summoned for duty and never come to the courthouse.

The court is threatening to issue fines of up to $500 to people who avoid their jury duty summons.

Mosley said in extreme cases, the sheriff can be sent to people's houses and force them to come in for jury duty.

He said it hasn't become that bad for his court, and he hopes to never have to resort to that method.

ANYONE in any court can be subject to that harsh fine if they don't show up for jury duty without a legitimate reason.

Jurors are chosen from databases collected from voter registration and driver's license information.