HRMC and AAR to create a new board

HRMC and AAR to create a new board

Amarillo, TX - Harrington Regional Medical Campus and the Amarillo Area Foundation will form a new Board of Directors pending HRMC member approval. The new Board of Directors will be comprised of members representing both Boards.

The early development of The Medical Center was conducted through the AAF until 1984, when the Foundation's Board of Directors recognized a separate organization (HRMC) was necessary to focus on the aggressive growth and development of the massive land holdings. The holdings began with 300 acres of land donated by Amarillo pioneer and philanthropist, Caroline Bush Emeny, which was once part of the Frying Pan Ranch.

HRMC now encompasses 430 acres and has an alliance of 35 member/resident institutions, which makes it one of the largest medical campuses devoted to the healing arts in the United States. Currently, it serves more than one million residents annually over a five-star region. It generates more than $2 Billion in business activity in the Amarillo area.

Executive Director and CEO of HRMC, Marvin Franz, said their vision is for people to experience improved quality of life through exceptional healthcare, education, and research.

The new Board will result in increased scholarship opportunities and benefits to non-profits that impact healthcare, education, and research.