Thomas Michael Dixon Re-Trial: Day 4

Thomas Michael Dixon Re-Trial: Day 4

LUBBOCK, TX - A brand new witness testifies on day 4 of the Dr. Thomas Michael Dixon murder-for-hire re-trial.

Paul Reynolds is the former roommate of David Shepard, who has already pleaded guilty to murdering Dr. Joseph Sonnier of Lubbock.

Today he testified in court for the first time.

He said he has known Shepard since they were in junior high, but that Shepard has changed a lot and "isn't the same man." He says he became mentally unstable in recent years, and admitted to Reynolds that he had tried to kill himself.

Reynolds told the jury that Shepard had introduced him to Dixon before, and that he didn't like the way the two acted together.

He said when Shepard told him he killed a man in Lubbock, he didn't believe him.

But he shared details with Reynolds, including that he had used a Gatorade bottle to silence the sound of the gun.

The same Gatorade bottle shown to the jury earlier this week.

Reynolds tells the court Shepard planned to plead insanity if he got caught, because of his previous suicide attempts.

He said Shepard told him that Dixon had paid him three silver bars after he noticed Shepard had somehow come in to some money around Father's Day 2012.

Reynolds turned Shepard in to the police when he began to fear for his own life.

A recording of an interview between Reynolds and Detective Pena of the Lubbock Police Department was played for the jury.

In the recording, Reynolds talks about how Shepard "spills his guts" about killing Sonnier.

He said Shepard was under the influence of pills and insulin when he told him.