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Rain delays crop harvesting

J.D. Ragland, Randall County Agriculture Extension Agent J.D. Ragland, Randall County Agriculture Extension Agent

Amarillo, TX - Farmers are experiencing a delay in harvesting because of recent rainfall.

Many crops such as grain sorghum and wheat are being harvested later in the season because the extra rain has saturated field, preventing farmers from bringing in their equipment. Their combines, tractors, and other equipment would sink into the mud.

Some crops have absorbed to much water making them unable to harvest. One major issue that can arise when harvesting crops is called lodging, which can occur when plants take on too much water or are knocked over by the wind. When plants are on the ground they can not be properly harvested. 

Randall County Agriculture Extension Agent  J.D. Ragland said since crops that are lodged cannot be harvested farmers are losing money; however, he said the extra rain can be beneficial to crops such as wheat. "This rainfall is ideal in terms of getting that wheat some really good moisture to establish a really good root system therefore we have a lot of rapid growth in our wheat," Ragland said. "So where it might be detrimental to one crop it can be certainly beneficial to another."

Ragland said about 20 percent of Randall County's crops are unusable because of the rain.       

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