Microsurfacing popular among Amarillo residents

Microsurfacing popular among Amarillo residents

AMARILLO, TX - Now that Amarillo first microsurfacing project is complete, the city is looking into how they'll seal roads in the future.

Microsurfacing is more expensive than the city's usual method of seal coating roads, and it lasts about as long.

But complaints about the seal coat from the citizens drove city officials to look into a more driver-friendly option for repairing the roads.

Loose rocks were a product of seal coating, and countless residents complained that the rocks were getting caught in their brakes, stuck on tires, and otherwise damaging their cars.

So the city turned to microsurfacing to fix that problem.

"We usually get a lot of complaints about the loose rocks and everything we have after we seal coat a street," said Mark Read, Amarillo's City Engineer. "So this looks a lot like the seal coat operations but we don't have near the amount of loose rock."

Since the microsurfacing project started, complaints plummeted. Read can't recall more than one complaint during the entire process.

Can residents expect to see more roads in Amarillo microsurfaced?

Read says his team is going to see how the microsurfaced roads hold up during what is expected to be a wetter winter.

He has asked for money to budget for more microsurfaced roads next year to have a bigger area to evaluate.

They'll also compare microsurfacing and seal coating to other methods, including overlaying roads.

But Read says he's glad to get so much positive feedback from residents, and hopes future road projects will be as successful as this one.