Missing funds in Darrouzett, locals question whereabouts

Missing funds in Darrouzett, locals question whereabouts

DARROUZETT, TX - Darrouzett city officials say hundreds of thousands of dollars have been taken from Darrouzett Volunteer Fire Department and the Darrouzett Hospital District.

Mayor Sandy Woods and Hospital Board Vice President Mark Lobmeyer believe Jimmie Wilmoth allegedly took approximately $300,000 from the city. Wilmoth, who was the Chief of the Volunteer Fire Department and President of the hospital boards, is accused of being in possession of fire vehicles. Woods said Wilmoth was asked to return the vehicles but never did.

Wilmoth confirmed that he was asked to return the vehicles, saying he never did because the fire department did not own them. He said they were donated, although city officials dispute that claim. Wilmoth says he has sold some of the trucks and the other ones in his possession are still for sale, and all proceeds will go to charity.

Lipscomb County Sheriff James Robertson requested an audit which was preformed by the Dawson Group. The audit found over $100,000 of funds spent may not have been used for business purposes. Lobmeyer believes if the funds are used for personal reasons they should be paid back.

"Until we see receipts that actually account for this hundred thousand dollars of missing funds then someone owes that," Lobmeyer said.

With the lack of valid receipts it could not be proven that these funds were or were not used for business purposes. Wilmoth said if any personal items were charged to the fire department they were paid back at their next meeting and were approved by other department members. 

Currently, several audits have been performed but due to a lack of proper documentation and records finding fraud is not possible.