Former APD officer no-billed in sexual assault case

Former APD officer no-billed in sexual assault case

Amarillo, TX -  A former Amarillo police officer accused of sexually assaulting a woman while on duty, will not face criminal charges.

After deliberating for nearly three hours Tuesday, the Potter County Grand Jury no billed former officer Micah Muerer on official oppression and sexual assault charges.

Muerer responded to a woman's home in northwest Amarillo in June. A day later, the 22-year-old woman told the police department Muerer sexually assaulted her. Police then recovered physical evidence from the scene, including body fluids and a rape kit.

47th District Attorney, Randall Sims says although the decision came back as a no bill, it was a difficult case for all parties involved.

"The fact of the matter is every decision we make up here affects somebody's life and it's usually the families. In this situation it's the families of at least two different people," said Sims. "I hope that justice is always accomplished."

Muerer was placed on leave when the complaint was filed. The Amarillo Police Department's investigation found Muerer did engage in a sexual act, and he was fired per department policy. Chief Robert Taylor says the grand jury's decision will not affect the status of Muerer's termination.