Thomas Dixon Murder Re-trial: Day 2

Thomas Dixon Murder Re-trial: Day 2

Lubbock, TX - Day two of the Dixon murder re-trial heard from seven witnesses Tuesday.

The witness questioned most thoroughly, Garland Timms of the Lubbock Police Department, started his testimony yesterday and continues today.

Timms was a detective on the case who photographed and collected evidence from the crime scene at Sonnier's residence.

He showed and described evidence to the jury, including blood swabs and the Gatorade bottle he believes was used to silence the gun.

Photos of blood stains throughout the crime scene were shown, as well as pictures of Sonnier's lifeless body where it was found in his garage.

Sonnier's sons were present in the courtroom, and struggled to look at the graphic photos of their father's body.

Photos of Sonnier's body at the crime scene are shown, his sons stare quietly and attentively ahead. The younger one had his hands to his temples, and eventually the older one couldn't look up anymore.

Two women who work at the dance studio where Sonnier and Shetina took lessons both talked about a large, shaggy man that lingered outside the dance studio, but never came inside. One of the women broke into tears on the witness stand saying Sonnier "was just a wonderful person".

Seven witnesses testified before the jury, including Zach Johnson, the lead detective on the case.

The jury was able to hear a recording of Johnson's first conversation with Dixon on the day after Sonnier's murder.

Johnson said when he showed up, unannounced, to Dixon's house for an interview, Dixon was very accommodating. In the recording, Dixon told Johnson regarding Sonnier quote "I don't know anything about him." When asked about Shetina, Dixon said they dated on and off and he quote "loved loved loved that woman".

Johnson explained in the recording that Dixon was one of many people they needed to check in with, saying "this is a huge who-done-it for sure." Dixon replied, "well, I did not". Johnson confirmed that at no point during that initial conversation was David Shepard ever mentioned.