Long-time Sunray City Manager passes away

Long-time Sunray City Manager passes away

Sunray, TX - The mood is somber throughout the city of Sunray, as many say they feel as if they have lost a member of their family.

City Hall almost feels as if it has come to a standstill, with the passing away of one of the longest serving city managers in Sunray history.

Sunray flags were at half staff , as many say they lost the heart of the city. Long-time City Manager Greg Smith passed away this weekend.

In 1989, Smith came to Sunray for the position right out of college. And his colleagues say his amount of time in office, is almost unheard of in a town so small.

"When you think of Sunray, you think of Greg Smith. He was just all about Sunray," says Bruce Broxson.

"He had a super personality. He was a friend, a good friend of mine ever since he moved here. He was a friend of everybody. He loved our community. He wanted what was best for Sunray," says Mayor Brenda Emmert.

"We were blessed and Greg worked diligently to make this the small community that everybody would want to live in," says Judge Sue Sims.

And while Smith was personable, those who knew him say he got the job done. In his near thirty years in office, there were multiple jobs he was proud of.

"Our city park and swimming pool was a big thing for Sunray and Greg worked long and hard on that project," says Broxson.

"He was very instrumental when we had the wildfires. Our volunteer fire department to have some of the best equipment to work with. And once again was very good at writing grants so the communities will have that," says Judge Sims.

A new city manager taking over is still in the talks...but for now, those in the Sunray community are remembering smith for all he did.

"Right now, I just can't even imagine trying to fill those shoes because they are some good shoes. He set the standards very high, so it's going to be tough," says Emmert.

"You can replace a city manager," says Judge Sims. "All jobs can be replaced, but we won't replace Greg Smith. You just don't find them. He was a rare breed. And the entire community is devastated and in shock, as we all are. Right now we're kind of taking it a step at a time, but in tribute to Greg, we'll carry that tradition on."