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Long term plans for the Playa Lakes

City Councilman Brian Eades City Councilman Brian Eades

Amarillo, TX - The city of Amarillo is discussing long term plans for the city's pumps. 

The extra rain fall we have had this year has the city council deciding what they should do with the city's pumps. Mayor Paul Harpole says the council does not have a set plan yet but says they are mainly discussing Playa Lake 7 or the Greenways. He says the increase in rain fall causes water to flow outside the city's limits towards the south. Currently the council is discussing how to remove water from Playa Lake on a permanent basis. 

But finding a place for the extra water is not the only issue that the city has had to deal with, they have been dealing with budget issues as well. Pumping the Playa Lakes is expensive. 

Amarillo's City Engineer Mark Read says they have spend around 190,000 dollars pumping Playa Lake 7 and McDonald. The money they spent pumping out the lakes was not in budget which means the money came from other sources.

The city has emergency funds that are accessible for these situations. Read says the city has emergency funds that are accessible for these situations. 

Harpole says the city will take into account the extra money spent this year and factor that into the next fiscal year. 

City Councilman Brian Eades says they are creating a new development department which will aid in the creation of drainage systems by making communication clearer between all parities involved. He says the new department will have a much better handle on potential problems with street drains and adequate sewer placement. 

 Harpole says as the city continues to grow by adding houses, streets, and shopping centers we create more drainage issues that constantly have to be readdressed. He says we should grow by 27 to 35 thousand people this decade making this issue something they will have to deal with for years to come. 

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