Goose Bumps exhibit at the Discovery Center

Goose Bumps exhibit at the Discovery Center

AMARILLO, TX. - An exhibit at the Amarillo Discovery Center is giving you "Goose Bumps" and one of our own faced her fear of spiders.  

Goose Bumps is all about facing your biggest fears and seeing your best scared face while having a great time at the discovery center. There are a lot of different exhibits touching on all types of fear and seeing how different people react to their biggest fears.

The Science of Fear is the world's first exhibit about the often-dreaded emotion. While visiting Goose Bumps You can explore and understand all types of fears within a fun, safe, and "sometimes" scary environment.

NewsChannel10 talked with Executive Director of the Discovery Center, Dr. Aaron Pan. He told us about the different types of fears before letting our reporter stick her hand into a black hole where there could have been a tarantula. After she stuck her hand in he explained that there was no way for the spider to get into the hole and that her brain tricked her body into being scared.

There are many other exhibits like the fear of shock, or the fear of falling. These are in place to show you and your family all kinds of fears and lets you try to face them. Dr. Pan also talked about how this was fun for the whole family and that you should stop out this weekend for a "scary" experience!

The Discovery Center is Located at Located in the Harrington Regional Medical Center, 1200 Streit Drive, Amarillo, Texas

Their Normal Business Hours are: Tuesday-Saturday 9:30 am-4:30 pm and Sunday- Noon-4:30 pm

Admission: Adults- $11 and Children (3-12)- $8