City leaders address Atkinson's resignation

City leaders address Atkinson's resignation

Amarillo, TX - The Amarillo City Council formally addressed City Manager Jarrett Atkinson resigning his post for the first time during Tuesday's council meeting-- this comes more than a week since Atkinson's surprising resignation.

"He is discussing with us a smooth transition for the city," said Amarillo Mayor Paul Harpole.

Atkinson says his final day with the city will be November 26th, rounding out his 11th year serving the city. For Mayor Harpole it is is still a decision that is hard to take in.

"I'm going to miss him everyday," said Harpole. "He's done an extraordinary job and I think he's a dedicated a committed individual with his heart in our city."

Both Mayor Harpole and city council member Brian Eades voted against accepting the resignation Tuesday evening, but all all council members did agree on something else.

"We made the decision to pay him 90 days after the day he departs as a severance," said Harpole. "We felt that that was something fair to do for him and thank him for his service to our city."

With Atkinson's resignation, there are now six vacant positions: Deputy City Manager, IT Director, Public Works Director, City Attorney, and an administrator for the new Simms building.

According to the city's spokesperson, Sonja Gross, interviews are underway on many of these positions and an offer has been made for the Public Works Director.

While the city is working to fill these prominent jobs, Mayor Harpole could not comment on who will take over for Atkinson.

"He is staying very professional and detached as much as possible during this process, while also giving us advice in this situation," said Harpole.

During Public Comment in Tuesday's city council meeting, a couple people stepped forward saying they are sad to see Atkinson go and that he's done a good job as the Amarillo City Manager.

Atkinson was not available for comment Tuesday night. During the city council meeting, he said he would make himself available even after his final day with the city, in case city officials need him.