Hansford County named one of the top 15 healthiest in the state

Hansford County named one of the top 15 healthiest in the state

SPEARMAN, TX - Hansford County is named one of the healthiest counties in Texas.

Out of the 237 counties in the state, Hansford ranks number 15 for healthiest people.

Ample exercise facilities, local doctors, and numerous resources from the Hansford County hospital district all play a part in keeping the county healthy.

But it's the hard work of medical staff and the strength of community that put this county in the top.

The county boasts a steady group of local doctors, health resources for community members, and new facilities and equipment.

The hospital was just recognized as one of the top 100 critical access hospitals in the nation, and the only one in Texas.

"Sometimes small communities get a rap of not being able to provide good health care," said Jonathan Bailey, CEO of the Hansford County Hospital District. "And I think this proves that we can do that."

The hospital's health fair brings in groups from around the panhandle that offer services from service dogs, to medical flights, to allergy information.

But the biggest draw-in is reduced price lab work and health screening.

At the health fair on Thursday, one woman was tested and found out she had high blood pressure.

She hadn't done anything about it before because of the cost.

"Being here at the health fair she had already done her lab work," said Cheryl Sander, the EMS worker conducting the blood pressure tests. "That was a cost she was scared of. And so with the inexpensive lab work that you can have done at a health fair, it really is a low cost to the public."

Residents also take advantage of cheaper screenings for high cholesterol, thyroid levels, diabetes, and other health problems.

Plus, the hospital staff works with the community, and does their best to keep healthy themselves.