Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar's "Good For Texas" tour

Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar's "Good For Texas" tour

Amarillo, TX -  Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar visited Amarillo Thursday, while on his "Good For Texas" tour.

On his tour he will visit 27 cities to meet with local officials and citizens to discuss the economy and the issues they are encountering.

He split Texas into several regions in order to explain their personal growth and hardships.

Texas is the 12th largest economy in the world Hegar says.

He also said our region, the High Plains Region, has a large economic impact on the state.

Mayor Paul Harpole was happy to hear our region has such a great impact on the state's economy.

"We have such an agricultural impact around our city and our city has a lot of diverse manufacturing," Harpole said. "It does have a huge affect on our total state and we're so glad the comptroller was here today to talk about what a great impact we have."

Hegar said our region has a stable economy. "It's kind of like any commodities," Hegar said. "Earlier we were talking about economic regions with lower oil prices, depends on what those commodities prices are and we see some in the cattle industry prices just started ticking back up, which is good for the economic region. But over all this region has been stable over quite some time now."

Agriculture, transportation, oil, gas, and manufacturing are just a few factors affecting our economy.

Hegar says our economy is steady but it will continue to grow.

On his tour he will visit every region of the state and will finish his tour in El Paso on November 9.