Lawyer releases photos and other documents in Stanley Marsh 3 case

Lawyer releases photos and other documents in Stanley Marsh 3 case

Amarillo, TX - Plaintiff attorneys in the re-opened investigation of Stanley Marsh 3 have released new discoveries....and alleged victims are speaking out.

We have affidavits, witness statements, and photos that victim's attorneys say are "clear proof." However attorneys fighting for the marsh family and estate feel otherwise.

Amarillo police detectives are now investigating the molestation and sex trafficking of several Amarillo teenagers....allegedly by Stanley Marsh 3.

Now evidence in the case has been released including these photos...which were taken in 2012...when a search warrant was executed. As you can see, photos range from mass amounts of Viagra dirty linens and even a waiver.

"The evidence is overwhelming that Mr. Marsh sexually abused and assaulted and molested these boys and many other boys," says Attorney Chad Pinkerton. "The evidence is also overwhelming that the alleged co-conspirators knew or should've known to do something about this to stop it and they didn't."

We reached out to Kelly Utsinger, attorney for Wendy Marsh and did not hear back. Stanley Marsh IV's attorney Bill Kelly, however says he does not think there is enough evidence to pursue charges.

"My client has not been charged, nor have any of the other defendants been charged criminally and quite frankly, I don't see that happening because there's just simply no new evidence in this case and there's nothing based on the old evidence with which to base a legitimate criminal charge on," says Kelly.

But an alleged victim says otherwise. This alleged victim tells us he was one of many teenagers he knew who were, "lured in" by Stanley Marsh.

"They would guide me into Stanley's office and let these sexual acts continue knowingly. It's been hard to live with physically and emotionally. I have been harmed. My physical damage has created me to have suicidal thoughts," says the alleged victim.

Both Pinkerton and Kelly say they have one goal in bring justice and closure to those involved in this ongoing case.

Once again, Amarillo Police tell us they cannot release any information on the investigation other than none of the accusers have been charged.