Students preview brand new SAT exam

Students preview brand new SAT exam

AMARILLO, TX - Students across the nation had a first glance of how the brand new SAT will look.

High school students took the annual PSAT on Wednesday, but this year the test was different.

Very different.

The College Board is releasing a totally revamped version of the SAT next year.

Wednesday's PSAT was the first time the new exam was tested on students on a wide scale.

Students at most high schools in Amarillo had the option to take the practice test on Wednesday.

The most notable change has to do with the content of the exam.

Instead of information in test prep books, the high school students will now be tested on the the skills and knowledge they actually learn in class.

Another big change is the scoring system.

Test takers will no longer lose points for incorrect answers.

Previously, one quarter of a point was deducted for every wrong answer.

Now students will be scored only on the questions they answer.

The new SAT will be issued for the first time in March 2016.

For a full list of changes to the SAT, visit The College Board's website here.