Amarillo Police Department giving out free hugs

Amarillo Police Department giving out free hugs

Amarillo TX - Amarillo Police Department officers are to give out free hugs due to money raised for Officer Justin Scherlen by local restaurant.  

After a video surfaced a few weeks or months ago on social media of Police Officers standing on a street corner with a sign that said free hugs, one local restaurant challenged APD to do the same.

The restaurant said they would pay money to see our officers giving out free hugs. APD then challenged the bar that if they could raise $1,000 for APD Officer Justin Scherlen, they would get their wish. In return to the challenge the IDK Sports Bar & Grill raised over $3000 for Officer Scherlen and his family.

On Thursday October 15th between 5pm-6pm, APD officers will be on hand at Westgate Mall giving out "free" hugs.

Several officers, both male and female officers have volunteered and will be on hand to fulfill the Police Departments end of the bargain.

Amarillo Backs the Badge, a social media/networking group, will be on hand selling shirts also to benefit Officer Scherlen.