Why all the webs?

Why all the webs?

Amarillo, TX - It's not hard to find spider webs across town, whether you see them or happen to run into them. Some might say it looks like there's extra Halloween decorations around Amarillo.

Spider webs are seen along bushes, homes, and power lines all over the Panhandle. While seeing webs is normal around this time of year, local experts say it's the most they've seen in a long time.

"We had a lot of rainfall," said head and professor of biology at West Texas A&M University Dr. David Sissom. "Everything is lush right now in this part of the world and that means the insects are doing well, and the spiders are feeding on those insects."

Doctor Sissom says our environmental conditions will dictate how long a spider lives. Typically, Orb-weaving spiders last about a year.

"Some of these orb-weavers we see around our homes are about the size of a nickel," said Sissom.

Local exterminator, Bruce Burney says they've already made it into many homes.

"We've gotten a lot of calls for spiders," said Burney. "All of the webs are filled with flying insects."

Both Burney and Sissom say the webs we are seeing are not coming from dangerous spiders.

"Every now and then, a spider comes off its web and ends up getting onto someone," said Sissom. "The chances of one of these spiders biting a person are really very low."

Sissom adds that these spiders will stick around until our first freeze. Keep in mind, the spiders you do need to watch out for are black widows and the Brown Recluse.