Dia de lo Muertos exhibit

Dia de lo Muertos exhibit

Amarillo, TX - The Downtown Branch of Amarillo Public Library opened a new exhibit Dia de los Muertos today.

The new exhibit focuses on the Mexican holiday Dia de los Muertos or the day of the dead.

It was created to encourage residents to learn more about Mexican culture as well as the holiday, while explaining the holiday is, where it comes from, and what traditions are involved during the celebration.

Cindi Wynia, the library's Assistant Director, says the idea for the exhibit comes from the North Branch staff's plan to have a program that explains the holiday.

"A lot of people equate it with Halloween and that's not really true," Wynia said. "You know they happen to fall at the same time of year but they are very different celebrations."

The library wants those who visit to contribute by decorating a skull which will be added to the exhibit or by adding any personal memorabilia of their loved ones.

The North Branch's exhibit will remain open until November 4th; however, if you want to learn even more about the holiday the library's North Branch is having a program explaining more about the holiday on October 20th.