Two men impersonate Suddenlink employees

Two men impersonate Suddenlink employees

Amarillo, TX - We have received reports of two black men who say they are working for Suddenlink, but offer no proof they work for the company -- no id's, vehicles, not even a uniform.

Amarillo residents say that have had unsolicited visits from men impersonating Suddenlink cable employees who claim to be there to service their television or provide free services.

One victim says she did not make an appointment. In fact, she is not even a Suddenlink customer.

She said two men knocked on her door, and when he mother told them to hold on they walked right into her home, uninvited. The men told her they were from Suddenlink and that they were there to check her television.Once her mom mentioned she was going to get the owner of the home the men left on foot.

Gene Regan, the Senior Director of Corporate Communications for Suddenlink, said the men are not affiliated with the company.

"These individuals are not Suddenlink employees, and we are checking into this matter with local authorities.Suddenlink technicians coming to a home to check equipment would have Suddenlink badges with a photo ID and would only enter a customer's property with their permission," Regan said.

The Amarillo Police Department says these incidents do occur and suggest asking workers for their identification and not allowing them into the home if they do not have any.

By: Kaylee Merchak