Rumored protest of local Community Center has opposite affect

Rumored protest of local Community Center has opposite affect

Amarillo, TX - A rumored protest reportedly spurred by a local "patriot group", was supposed to take place saturday to oppose an Amarillo Community center.

Instead, the protest turned out many anti-protesters, who banned together to show support of the center.

The Khursheed Unissa Community Center on Soncy road is rumored by protesters to be an Islamic terrorist training center.

Those in support of the interfaith community center said these claims are absurd and are saddened by those who "continue to harbor these unfounded and irrational fears."

The center was founded by local cardiologist, Ali Jaffar, an Indian and a Muslim, who said the center was built to provide space for meetings and sporting events for everyone in Amarillo.

"We have Jews, standing alongside Muslims, standing alongside Presbyterians and Baptists and people of all faiths who are coming out and standing on the side of love as just a peaceful symbol that hate doesn't have a place in this community," David Green, Minister at Amarillo Unitarian Universalist Fellowship said. "Amarillo is much better than this."

Non-religious residents were also in attendance to support religious freedom and anti-bullying.

Supporters said the center is not a mosque, although some Muslims meet there for classes.

The center was named after Dr. Jaffar's mother who died of breast cancer.

NewsChannel 10 did try speaking to those opposing this center, but were unsuccessful as it appeared they had left the protest early, or did not show up at all.

Police on scene tell us another protest is rumored to be in the works for a later date.