DA says Randall County officer-involved shooting "justified"

DA says Randall County officer-involved shooting "justified"
Matthew Dobbins
Matthew Dobbins

Amarillo, TX -  Texas Rangers continue to investigate a deadly shooting that left a burglary suspect dead last Friday.

Preliminary autopsy results of the suspect have been released, and some area officials said the evidence shows a clear indication of what happened the night the suspect was killed.

Potter County Justice of the Peace, Thomas Jones, said preliminary autopsy results show the suspect, Matthew Dobbins, was shot three times, once in the head, once in the torso, and once in the buttocks.

The JP ruled the death a homicide by process of elimination, meaning the manner of death was not caused by suicide, accident, or natural causes.

A homicide is ruled when a person's actions, justified or not, cause the death of another. Randall County District Attorney, James Farren, said not all homicides are illegal, and in this case, he believes evidence shows the officers actions were justified.

The incident happened last Friday night when the Randall County Sheriff's office responded to a burglary call at Mescalero trail, south of Amarillo near McCormick road.

Homeowners told deputies there were weapons inside, so they set up a perimeter.

Initial reports state 40 minutes later, deputies entered the residence, shots were fired and the suspect was taken to the hospital.

A report released on Saturday states officers never entered the home, and the suspect came outside and confronted police.

Dobbins was taken to the hospital where he later died.

All the details surrounding this case have yet to be released until the incident is heard by the grand jury.

The Randall County Sheriff's Office declined to comment on the matter until the case is settled in court.