Amarillo's Most Wanted fugitive captured

Amarillo's Most Wanted fugitive captured
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez

AMARILLO, TX. - After being on the run for nearly a year, one of Amarillo's most high profile fugitives is now in custody.

Officially were finally able to locate 22-year-old Jose Hernandez Monday morning as he was trying to cross the border from Mexico to El Paso.

Hernandez was wanted for the murder of 23-year-old Sal Ramirez who was stabbed in the head with a screwdriver last November.

10 months ago Ramirez's mother spoke with NewsChannel 10 about her fears of police not being able to find Hernandez.

"All of the family is affected. I am willing to do anything, give up anything to find Jose," she said.

After almost a year of not knowing where her son's alleged killer was, her plea how now been answered. The Ramirez family says they still have several questions surrounding Hernandez's arrest and Sal's death -- questions Amarillo Police are trying to answer.

"If they call and ask what we've been doing, then we will certainly tell them what we can," said Lt. Erick Bohannon with Amarillo Special Crimes.

Bohannon says early in the investigation, they believed Hernandez was still in Amarillo, but did not limit their search to just this city.

"Any time we got a tip or if we had word that he was here, we would act very quickly to find if it was true or not," said Bohannon. "Interestingly enough, we actually had quite a bit of cooperation in our investigation from various folks trying to help us."

A year has passed in Sal's death and Bohannon says he was proud to deliver the news of the arrest to the Ramirez family.

"They want justice brought for the death of their loved one," said Bohannon. "To call them up and tell them that he's in custody is very rewarding."

It is unclear at this time when Hernandez will be brought back to Amarillo, but he will eventually be booked into the Potter County Correction Center.