Amarillo tries new method for road maintenance

Amarillo tries new method for road maintenance

AMARILLO, TX - Microsurfacing is a preventative maintenance treatment designed to extend the life of pavement for up to a decade on residential roads.

Previously, the city sealed roads in a way that has to be replaced twice as frequently as microsurfaced roads do.

This method is different in that the asphalt and cement used are blended with finely crushed stone.

The mixture is cold, and the components react to harden on the road and fill up the cracks.

Amarillo Assistant City Engineer Kyle Schniederjan said one thing that residents will enjoy is how quickly microsurfaced roads can be reopened to drivers.

Cross sections can be driven over as early as 10-15 minutes after the microsurfacing is applied, and road are reopened after an hour.

He also said this process leads to very little loose rock on the road that can interfere with cars.

Viking Construction started applying microsurfacing to roads downtown on October 1st.

Weather permitting, 17 roads should be microsurfaced as early as this coming Thursday.

Schniederjan said if this project proves successful, more roads in Amarillo may receive microsurfacing in the future.