MTC ratifies new contract, ends strike on 37th day

MTC ratifies new contract, ends strike on 37th day

Amarillo, TX - Unionized workers at Pantex have voted to approve the latest contract offered by Consolidated Nuclear Security, effectively ending the strike on Sunday.

"Special thanks to the FMCS and Scott Beckenbaugh for their help resolving this issue," said President of the Metal Trades Council, Clarence Rashada.

Highlights of the new benefits contract include improved medical coverage, maintained defined benefit pension plan for current employees, maintained sick leave earnings, and improved short-term disability benefits.

"We maintained our insurance, we maintained new hire insurance, and we got the workers off the contributions to the pension," said Coordinator of Collective Bargaining Department at International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, James E. Price Jr.

While this package was approved, Price says it doesn't meet the needs of all the members of Pantex.

"I can't say I'm happy with it because the new hires won't receive a pension and they won't receive retiring medical," Price. "It's a trend, we realize that but that's not something we really appreciate."

Pantex workers will be advised by their supervisors when they will head back to work -- something everyone seems to be happy about after going unpaid for nearly 2 months during the strike.

Price describes the vote as razor thin and something most of the workers expected.

"I'm just glad we were able to do something for them other than have them out there on the streets too long," said Price.

Rashada adds by saying "We are looking forward to working with CNS, DOE, and NSA in achieving our mission goals."

Voting tallies were not released. The new contract is good until 2019.


We are proud to announce that the Metal Trades Council  Membership has voted to Ratify the Contract Proposal. All members are asked to wait for their Supervision to notify them on instructions to report to work. The METAL TRADES COUNCIL would like to thank all individuals and parties who were involved in this process. We appreciate the FMCS and Mr. Scott Beckenbaugh  (Deputy Director, FMCS) for bringing all parties together. We also look forward to working with Consolidated Nuclear Security and NNSA in achieving our Mission Goals. We want to thank the Pantex Guards Union for assisting our members in many areas throughout this process. To our community we thank you for always being there to support members needs. Most importantly we want to thank our Membership who have endured very difficult times and have had to make many difficult decisions and sacrifices over the last 5 weeks; we are extremely proud of each of you. We look forward to getting back to work and achieving our very important mission.