Randall County issues burn ban

Randall County issues burn ban

AMARILLO, TX - Wildfires are becoming more common this fall.

Grass fire counts are up and it's all because of the rain.

It seems backwards given how much rain we've had this summer.

But the extra water made more grass and plants grow.

That means when they start to die in the colder weather, there's more material, or "fuel," that can catch on fire.

In the past 30 days, the Randall County Fire Department has responded to 14 grass fires.

Now they've issued a burn ban for the county to try and stop that number from growing.

Randall County Fire Chief James Amerson said when the ban is lifted, there are safety measures to take to prevent controlled fires from spreading

"Always have a look out, always have a water source available, and always watch the weather," said Amerson. "Never burn when it's really windy, and have a good confined space, like a fire pit, to burn your trash."

Offenders who burn fires during a ban can be fined up to $500.