70-year-old WWII Bomber visiting Amarillo

70-year-old WWII Bomber visiting Amarillo

AMARILLO, TX - A very special WWII veteran is visiting Amarillo.

B-17 Flying Fortresses were WWII bombers.

The last ones manufactured in the U.S. rolled off the assembly line in 1945.

One plane that's been fully restored is spending the night at the Texas Air and Space Museum here in Amarillo.

It's called Texas Raiders, and it is the first Flying Fortress to be fully restored for use as a flying museum.

Inside and out, it looks just like it did 70 years ago, and it still flies.

Jack Rude, a B-17 tail gunner during WWII, said he never misses a chance to see his old planes.

"Kids don't realize now a few airplanes could do what a thousand did then," said Rude. "Because we didn't have smart bombs our bombs were all dumb bombs."

Inside Texas Raiders, you can see machine guns just like the ones Rude used to handle in the war.

The public is invited out to the Texas Air and Space Museum to see Texas Raiders.

Time: Thursday from 10-5

Location: 10001 American Drive

Tour admission:

Adults - $10

Kids under 12 - $5

Family of up to 5 - $20

A tax deductible price of $475 per person will get you a 25 minute flight.

For flight reservations, visit their website here.