Sherman County Sheriff resigns, new Sheriff to take over

Sherman County Sheriff resigns, new Sheriff to take over

Stratford, TX -  An area sheriff sees his last day in office, outside of the office.

Sherman County Sheriff Joe Powell submitted his letter of resignation, effective Thursday. But rumors of his return have some locals scratching their heads.

Sheriff Powell was sworn into office almost three years ago and today he says good bye to the position.

But...he was not in Stratford for the farewell. He is already in Arkansas, where he will be taking on a new position.

"Basically it was just a family decision to move back to northwest Arkansas where my kids live and just time to give my children some attention and some time and so I've taken a position back home with the Sheriff's office where I used to be employed. I'll be running the DWI task force," says Powell.

And Thursday, a new sheriff will be in town. County Judge Terri Carter tells commissioners appointed the new sheriff unanimously.

"Ted Allen is his name," says Carter. "He's a local man, I guess grew up here, spent all of his life here and he's gone through the panhandle law enforcement academy and did very well there, he's been working as a reserve in a neighboring county getting some actual experience in the law enforcement business."

However rumor around town is Sheriff Powell is planning on running for sheriff again in the next election.

"I'm missing it already, but no I think my plan is to be down in Dentonville Arkansas and spend a lot of time with my children and you know, you only live once and they're only kids one time and I guess I wasn't considering that when I moved that direction, so just glad to be back by my children and man I just hope the best for the new sheriff and whoever gets elected as sheriff next year," says Powell.

"I hope it'll be a new start and like I say he is from here, he's been here all of his life," says Carter. "I think that'll be a good fit for this county. We're small town, everybody knows everybody, most of us grew up together, know everybody around here so people know exactly what they're getting with sheriff Allen."

Judge Carter says they are wasting no time...Allen will be sworn in at midnight.