"In God We Trust" on law enforcement vehicles causing controversy

"In God We Trust" on law enforcement vehicles causing controversy

AMARILLO, TX - Police and sheriff departments in the area are adding a new phrase to their patrol vehicles.

"In God We Trust."

It's the U.S. national motto, and you can see it everywhere from federal buildings to money.

County law enforcement agencies across the country are starting to put the motto on their vehicles, but with some dissent.

It started in Florida, where a citizen complained to the Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF).

This organization is a national watchdog group that works to keep church and state separate.

"We're one of the few groups out there that the public can go to  to complain about state and church entanglements," said Annie Gaylor, Co-President of FFRF. "And we only act on violations that are reported to us by either our members or members of the public."

FFRF began sending cease and desist letters to the counties where people complained, ordering the officers to take the decals off the cars.

Gaylor signed all the letters.

The Childress County Police Department got one of the letters a few weeks ago.

Their Police Chief wrote back, saying the FFRF could "go fly a kite."

"It's no more appropriate for 'In God We Trust' to be on a car than it would be appropriate for sheriffs to put 'God is Dead' on their car," said Gaylor. "And that would offend a lot of people. I think Christians would understand that's offensive."

The Hutchinson County Sheriff's Office started putting "In God We Trust" decals on their patrol cars on Monday.

Chief Deputy James Qualls said the only negativity they've gotten is from people who accused the office of using taxpayer dollars to pay for the decals.

Qualls said the Sheriff paid for them out of his own pocket.

Once all the decals arrive, the phrase will be on all 14 vehicles.