Pampa's ICU is new and improved

Pampa's ICU is new and improved

Pampa, TX - After a couple weeks of renovations, Pampa Regional Medical Center's ICU Unit is back in action.

"We have new technology to monitor our patients," said Director of ICU, Stacey Whitehead. "We're seeing sicker patients than we have in the past. So, we're really starting to do more procedures that we haven't done. We need this equipment to keep up with the new technology that goes with the sicker patients."

The new and improved ICU Unit also has a new nursing station, where nurses and doctors watch their patients through cameras in their room.

Whitehead says having these upgrades is important to providing medical care to the eastern part of the Panhandle.

"That allows us to keep these patients here, where before we had to look at maybe shipping them to a bigger hospital," said Whitehead. "Without us here, even the small town would have to travel 60, 70, 80 miles to a hospital."

These changes are even more impressive because the hospital was on the verge of being closed only three years ago. CEO, Brad Morse and Prime Health Care purchased the hospital in 2012 and vowed to upgrade the facility. Now those upgrades are competing with the highest care available in the Panhandle.

"Radiology is 100% digital, our surgical suits have brand new laparoscopic equipment and the Texas Tech surgeons come out here to work," said Morse. "We've got dermatologist from Lubbock with Texas Tech to have a clinic on Wednesdays."

Morse also says he's happy to take care of this part of the Panhandle, where more and more people are starting to come.

For more information on the Pampa Regional Medical Center's improvements and new health programs call PRMC at 806 663-5500.