New church for the Cactus community

New church for the Cactus community

Cactus, TX - Ground broke just two weeks ago to make way for the new and improved Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in Cactus.

This church has been in Cactus since the early 90's and what served as the prefect size church, no longer fits.

"Our community has grown," said Our Lady of Guadalupe Church Secretary, Nancy Rodriguez. "We've had safety issues, we're too small and sometimes we're too tight in this space."

Soon, a new 5,700 square foot building will be constructed for the church -- costing $675,000. The Diocese of Amarillo help fund the new building as well as communities in Moore County.

"The community has donated money by doing activities and selling item," said Rodriguez.

Features of the new church include a new sanctuary that will seat over 300 worshippers, as well as an office, restrooms and a classroom.

Rodriguez says Father Carlos Castro is mainly to thank for pushing the need of a bigger church in Cactus.

"He's helped make this a success," said Rodriguez. "Since he's been here, he's been working very hard on this."

The current church building will be demolished after the new building is complete. The new church will be constructed on the northeast side of the existing church. Construction is expected to start in about 3 weeks with the new building finishing up in the spring of 2016.

Even though the church has the money to building the new church, they still ask Cactus and surrounding town in Moore County to donate money to help the small church grow even bigger.