Housing continues to grow in downtown Amarillo

Housing continues to grow in downtown Amarillo

Amarillo, TX - Amarillo's downtown continues to see additions to keep the area thriving.

Construction on the Double R Lofts began months ago, but now the vision is finally coming to fruition.

Living in downtown Amarillo. Somewhere that not many would see as a difficult place to find housing...but with the hopes of major growth, the need for residency is also thriving.

These downtown lofts have started to take shape. Owner Darin Hudson says his vision came from one main motivation.

"The entertainment venue, rather that was passed and approved and paid for back 6-7 years ago and that motivated me to do this development, along with a lot of other people that have developments underway as well," says Hudson.

The lofts aren't scheduled to be open until next year, however Hudson says they have seen significant interest. And this isn't the only property getting business.

Tina Colbert, manager of three properties downtown tells me, every one of those properties is full...and people are even on waiting lists. Projections of the value of the loft housing are around $4 million.

"One of the smallest units we'll have is probably 780, 790 feet. largest one is the one we're in now which is about 3500 feet and every size in between we'll have," says Hudson.

Hudson tells us although details on pricing have not been finalized, the 780 foot loft will run for around $980, and go up with size. He says does plan on investing in more downtown developments like this one...and knows others will follow as projects progress.

The company plans on having the units pre-leased by the end of the year, and construction is expected to be completed in January.