City of Amarillo buys YMCA's North Branch

City of Amarillo buys YMCA's North Branch

Amarillo, TX - During this week's Amarillo City Council meeting, the city approved the $142,000 purchase of the now closed North Branch YMCA building.

"Contracts need to be completed and all the legal things need to be done to transfer the property," said Community Development Administrator, James Allen. "The first step will be assessing the property, making repairs, and hopefully open as soon as possible."

Athletics, mentoring, child care, and senior activities were among the several programs this branch offered. The city says the public can expect little change for the new city owned building.

"I think you'll see a similar mission, maybe a few tweaks here and there," said Allen.

Allen says he understands the need to keep these activities around for low-to-moderate income neighborhoods.

"It's paramount. I grew up in that community, I went to that YMCA when I was 7-years-old," said Allen. "It's a fixture in that community, it provides need services and we're going to do everything we can to bring it back to its glory days."

As for the other YMCA branches, the South Branch on Hillside Road was sold to Netplex for youth sports for $1.6 million. The Heal the City medical clinic says they have the rights to the Midtown Branch in the San Jacinto neighborhood, but is unsure what it will do with the building.

Allen says the city wants input from the neighborhood about the type of programs offered at the North Branch location.

You can contact the City's Community Development Department by calling 806 378-3023 or visit their website.