"Selfie sticks" posing issue for fairs around Texas

"Selfie sticks" posing issue for fairs around Texas

Amarillo, TX - This may be some bad news to those who use "selfie sticks" to capture their memories.

For most, going to the fair is all about having fun, however new rules and regulations keeping up with evolving technology may change a few things for visitors.


We take them almost daily.

But when they pose a safety risk to those in the public, many take a stand. The Texas State Fair has banned "selfie sticks" from this year's festivities...and Amarillo may be soon to follow.

The sticks act as a long pole to capture a photo from a far.

"Having a selfie stick with you is definitely a problem because anything that is not secured is you know people think it's okay to carry something around with them on the ride and they think they have a good hold on it and that's never the case," says Operations Manager Brandon Kibby."There's changing motions on the ride and so they can easily lose their grip on the thing that you're attempting to hold just to capture the moment."

While the devices have not been banned from the grounds entirely, they aren't allowed on or near rides. But officials tell us the sticks haven't posed too much of a threat to visitors in Amarillo. Sergeant BJ Chester says what they have seen most is many children getting lost in the fair.

"We have problems with this every year and when it gets night time out, everybody's out having fun," says Chester. "We do get a lot of lost kids and that takes away our eyes when we're looking for those lost kids which become a priority, You know, if a small child walks away, we want to find that child and reunite them with their family members."

Their tip for this...putting a wristband on your child with a guardian's phone number. And as far as the new "selfie stick" rule, Kibby says it's pretty self-explanatory.

"Usually when someone wants to capture that moment on their ride, they have someone else take the picture from the ground."