DAI board member Paul Matney resigns

DAI board member Paul Matney resigns

Amarillo, TX - Downtown Amarillo Inc. board member Paul Matney resigned Tuesday following concerns about a conflict of interest with his involvement in the political campaign Vote for Amarillo.

Vote for Amarillo, a campaign supporting the downtown ballpark, launched Monday and Matney is a co-chair.

Amarillo Citizens for Tomorrow (ACT), a grassroots campaign against the downtown ballpark, raised a concern in a news release Tuesday morning. "Amarillo Citizens for Tomorrow requests a public statement to inform the voters if the actions of board members, Paul Matney and Melissa Dailey, conflict with the bylaws established between Downtown Amarillo Inc. and the City of Amarillo," read the release.

Tuesday afternoon, Matney resigned.

"I am currently serving as co-chair of Vote for Amarillo, a special committee established in support of voting FOR the Multi Purpose Event Venue and ballpark which is on the Nov. 3 ballot," said Matney. "I also served on the Board of Directors of Downtown Amarillo Inc. Recently I became aware that my position with Vote for Amarillo might require my resignation from the DAI board. Even though I am serving Vote for Amarillo as a private and interested citizen, and not as a representative of DAI, in order to clear up any confusion, I believe the right thing to do is to resign from the DAI board. Thus, I have submitted my resignation from the DAI board."

"Dr. Matney has always represented himself and not DAI in any activities with Vote for Amarillo," said Melissa Dailey, the executive director of DAI. "He has been clear in stating that publicly and any time he speaks.  DAI board members are free to participate in activities on their own time and when not representing DAI.  However, Dr. Matney has chosen to resign from the DAI board to focus his efforts on Vote for Amarillo."