Demerson tours San Jacinto area

Demerson tours San Jacinto area

Amarillo, TX - While the downtown development debate heats up, one Amarillo City Council Member wants other areas in the city to receive attention.

Council Member Elisha Demerson supports Downtown Revitalization, but fears we are overlooking parts in the city that also need to be fixed up -- one being the San Jacinto area.

San Jacinto is a home to all races, colors, and ethnicities. According to Demerson, this neighborhood has been dominated by crime and abuse.

"I'm concerned about these older established communities that are being lost to blight and to disarray," said Demerson. "San Jacinto use to be a vibrant community at one time and now when we look around it's no longer a vibrant community."

He recently published his thoughts on San Jacinto in the local paper. His editorial received the attention of Heal the City, a free medical clinic in the San Jacinto neighborhood for those who can't afford health care.

"Doctor Keister, who is our founder, saw the newspaper and he approached councilmen Demerson and asked him to come see what we're doing," said Heal the City Administrator John Hancock. "We've got some great things going on here in our San Jacinto area and we want him to see it."

Demerson took a tour of the neighborhood Monday evening, including the free medical clinic that has been open for a year. The clinic sees over 100 people every Monday when it's open. Demerson says he learned how this clinic helps keep San Jacinto thriving in Amarillo.

"These people are investing and doing sweat equity. Those kinds of volunteer efforts makes Amarillo great," said Demerson.

The councilmen is also speaking with other organizations to help clean homes and businesses in the San Jacinto area. He also says he would like to tour other older neighborhoods in Amarillo.