TxDOT Prepares for Winter Weather

TxDOT Prepares for Winter Weather

This winter is expected to bring more snow than in years passed and TxDOT says it's ready for whatever may happen.

Without proper winter training TxDOT officials might not be prepared for the winter ahead. Even though the weather is still in the nineties, TxDOT is already preparing for the winter ahead. 

TxDOT spokesman Paul Braun says "It doesn't matter what the forecasts are going to be for a winter coming up we would prepare the same way anyway. But we start early and this simulator is one aspect of that."

NewsChannel10 sat down with Storm Track 10 Meteorologist Allan Gwyn who explains just how snowy this winter could be. 
Our winter is looking like it could be kind of heavy snow wise. we have the expectation of possibly over 200 percent over what we would normally get, that's a lot of snow . Now, we are also looking at cooler temperatures so the snow might even want to hang around for a little bit longer, so we are kind of anticipating a pretty snowy winter.

He also explains  some area's of the panhandle could see up to forty inches of show this year. TxDOT officials use a simulator to train their drivers for all types of road conditions and they also make sure their equipment ready to use at the first  sign of snow officials from TxDOT also reminds drivers to use caution when you see a plow on the road. 

"We always say don't take a chance, "Don't Crowd the Plow". Give the drivers a lot of space to operate. Don't try to pass them and don't crowd them."

They also remind drivers to slow down and do not use cruise control when driving this winter.