New Cactus Police Department being constructed

New Cactus Police Department being constructed

Cactus, TX -  The men and women in blue in cactus will soon see a major change...that many say will help them do their jobs better.

The City of Cactus currently has a population of a little over three thousand...but it is growing. And city officials are hoping a new police department will help keep up with that rise.

Fifteen hundred square feet are all the Cactus Police Department currently has to operate in. But soon, their area will more than doubled to allow them to get their jobs done with less hassle.

Last year, city council approved the construction of a new facility, which is now underway. And officials say it has been a long time coming.

"There's no room for our files, I mean to house our old files off-site," says Police Chief Mike Broyles. "Our evidence room is getting to the point to where we're destroying...having to go through the courts to get evidence destroyed a lot quicker."

"The problem with the old building is...1500 square feet," says City Manger Aldo Gallegos. "We have 10 officers. It was just very difficult with all the duties they have, especially when people would come to the PD you know there was always that safety issue with people just walking into the door."

The new department is entirely city-funded, and no tax payers were involved. The $550,000 building will have new computer systems, evidence processing areas, and led lighting to cut down on costs.

"Just having a little bit more room to operate, interview suspects, interview witnesses and just take care of the community better," says Broyles. "And a larger place will house that better."

With growth and the new department, more jobs will also come in the near future.

"Cactus is growing. I foresee adding 2-3 officers here in the next year or two. I mean, cactus is growing that much and we have a lot going on," says Gallegos.

Both say this is their attempt in taking steps working toward a more professional department. Chief Broyles says the department should be completed before January.