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Hackers are Attacking Baby Monitors

Hackers are continuing to target baby monitors, and this could affect families in our area. Experts say even though they have not seen specific hacking cases in Amarillo, you should still take steps to keep your child safe. 
Baby monitors are supposed to help keep your baby safer at night but sometimes that's not the case. Hackers are continuing to target web-cam based baby monitors that are connected to WIFI. 
 Local Expert Julie Korinek says, "Most web-cams are, unless you turn them off and unplug them every time you use them if their connected to your computer they are probably connected to the internet.
Local parent Kelly Hess said she never used a baby monitor, and after hearing what is happening she will never consider it again. 
 "If there is anything I can do to protect my child I'm always going to take that option. And if I don't feel like the baby monitor is an absolute necessity I would do without that to enhance his safety.
Some parents may not understand their child's safety could be compromised by not changing passwords. Changing the code on your router makes it more difficult for a hacker to access your babies web-cam.
"The first thing a hacker is going to do especially if they are trying to get to your webcam, is get through your network first. So if you have that standard password on your router it is going to be super easy for them to get on your network."
In addition to the router password experts remind parents to change the password on the monitor and this serves as a secondary barrier of protection. 
Experts also say the older generation "walkie talkie" type baby monitors are the safest options. This is because they do not connect to the internet. 
Strong passwords are an easy way to keep your child safe at night, and unless the proper safety measures are taken it is hard to know for certain your baby is safe.

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