Dumas to see property tax increase

Dumas to see property tax increase

Dumas, TX -   To keep the city functioning properly, Dumas residents will be paying more in property taxes.

Come October 1st, those who live in Dumas will see a fairly significant increase in their property taxes and officials say it is just to keep the city in good condition.

Property taxes will rise from 17 cents to 29 cents....a growth the size Dumas Mayor Pat Sims says the city has not seen in years.

So why now? In the past year the city has been low on utility revenue and this is where most funds come from to help operate many departments in the city.

"With all the rain and everything, we're 40 percent off our water sales and different things like that so it's became a problem and so we went ahead and raised the tax rate because it's a more stable income, or revenue," says Sims.

Sims says while the increase may seem large, the benefits the city will see outweigh the rise in price. He tells us if the new property tax had not passed, valuable resources could have been lost.

"If we don't have the operating funds to operate the city, then you cut back on personnel, services, you know and the streets don't get taken care of like they should you know the parks don't get taken care of," says Sims. "The swimming pool, the things that people enjoy."

Sims says the council tried to foresee funds they might need in the future, and based this increase off of that. But their main hopes are that their method will work come October when the budget year begins.

"We hope we've seen far enough into the future that we're not going to have to raise taxes."