Young girl hit by car in Dumas

Young girl hit by car in Dumas

Dumas, TX - A young girl is still in the hospital after being hit by a car Monday night in Dumas.

Monday night in Dumas a football practice turned tragic when a young girl was hit by an SUV. The eight year old never saw the large Toyota SUV before running into the street. She wanted to get water from her father across the street after football practice at Dumas ISD. 

Dumas Police Accident Reconstruction Expert Allen Garland says "There was a vehicle coming west bound and there was cars parked on both sides of the street. As you can see on the curb, that's the approximate location of where she left the curb and the "X" is the approximate location of where she was struck.The Driver stated that she believes that she went under the car and then rolled and then rolled out behind the car before the car got stopped and that's where she came to rest."

The 20 MPH  school zone speed limit is strictly enforced from 7:30 to 4:15,  but after hours it increases to 30 even if after school activities are still going on. "It's not a great deal of difference and I don't believe at this point that it could have been prevented. I believe that she would have still hit the car." 

The 17 year old driver of the SUV could not see the child until it was too late. The young women was still on scene when police arrived and cooperated fully with the investigation. 

Police Stress that  "It was not a hit and run. The vehicle did not stop right here it stopped just a little ways down the street but it was still here with the driver and occupants."  

Officials say the senior was obeying all traffic laws and could not have avoided the accident and at this time no charges are being filed. The young girl is in stable condition and is recovering at the University Medical Center Children's Hospital in Lubbock.