New cars could help teens drive safer

New cars could help teens drive safer

New features in the 2016 Chevy Malibu could be forcing teens to drive safer. But that's not the only way to monitor your teens. If you want to keep your teen safe on the road Chevy says you could get them a 2016 Malibu. The cars come with new technology Chevy is calling "teen driver" and the built in system, helps parents track their child's driving patterns.

Maddie, who has just started driving says, "It will help you be more safe, but it is kinda privacy issue, but I mean if it helps with your parents and their securities with you, then I guess it would be fine with me."

Some of the new features include setting a maximum speed or muting the radio until seat belts are secure.

Wallace Jones from River Road says, "You've been driving a month, and now you're diving a car 90 MPH down the highway, do you really know what to do if something was to happen? I think these features are going to save a lot of kids lives."

If you cant afford to buy your teen a brand new car, there are other options that you can install in the car you have. 

FX Store manager Josh Sims explains that, My most popular is going to be what we call the Smart Start made by Directed. It's an App that goes with your iPhone. It allows the parents to set up different parameters. We can do speed parameters we can do Geo-Fencing and set up an actual boundary of the town."

We posted a poll question on Facebook to see what parents thought about the features. While most thought that it was a great idea and would keep teens safer, others felt that it was an invasion of privacy and if you can't trust your teen they shouldn't be driving. If you want to join into the discussion visit our NewsChannel10 Facebook page. We would love to hear your opinion.