Pampa first responders honored

Pampa first responders honored

Pampa TX - Four Pampa firefighters didn't think twice before risking their own life to save an injured police officer.

Nine months ago four first responders risked their lives to save an officer injured in a stand-off. The men recall the January day when the "officer down" call came across the radio and they didn't believe it was real.

"I just remember looking at sergeant Houston Gass and it was unreal almost, I just couldn't believe that it was actually going on."

They didn't know what to expect and feared the worst for their colleague.
"Initially when you hear something like that, well the only thing that you really think when you hear something like that is the worst." 

Just moments after arriving the men were called to action. Putting their own lives on the line to save an officer down. 

"The officers pulled out sergeant Houston Gass out of the front door and were just screaming for help and at that time safety kinda just went out the window. We new we needed to go get him." 

 "You don't normally go into a scene like that unless they're safe or secure, But when its one of your friends, It changes things."

The firefighters carried the wounded officer to the safety of an ambulance that had just arrived. Today the Pampa Kiwanis Club  honored those four men for their outstanding service. 

"It's humbling. you know, you, we do our job not for praise or for glory we do it just to help other people."  
"We want to help people and that's why we do our job. It's not something I would second guess ever again. I would do the same thing again if it was another officer and I knew him. Even if I didn't know him, if it was an officer or anybody."

The men were also honored for saving a 3 year old girl after a car crash and the club wanted to make sure the men were thanked for their dedication to the community.