ER Now aims to minimize wait times

ER Now aims to minimize wait times

Amarillo, TX -  Waiting less than 10 minutes in the ER to see a doctor may sound too good to be true, but that is what one new, local facility is promising patients.

ER Now at Coulter and I-40 is now open. Four local doctors run the emergency room, and their focus is patient care in a timely manner.

ER Now is the first independent emergency room in our area. It is equipped with a CT scanner, an X-ray machine and a testing lab, giving it all the same capabilities of a hospital ER.

Their goal is to see and treat patients in less than an hour. "We try to have a doctor in front of a patient in 10 minutes or less and we try for a disposition of someone going home in 60 minutes or less," said ER Now co-founder Gerad Troutman. "We've met those goals overwhelmingly so far."

Patients can vouch for their timeliness. "There was no wait time whatsoever," said Danielle Reed, who brought her daughter in Friday afternoon. "We were in the waiting room for about two minutes before they brought us back."

ER Now is not an urgent care, which allows it to focus on treating emergency patients in a timely manner. "Here at ER Now we only do emergency care," said Troutman. "That allows us to be very efficient. Our longest lab test is about 15 minutes. From experience at a hospital based ER, you can be an hour or more waiting on labs."

While no one wants to go to the ER, patients like Reed said this new facility makes it a little more bearable. "I hate ERs. Really I was dreading having to go to one. My mother recommended this place to me and said we could get in and out. She was right. If we have another emergency, we're definitely coming back."

Three other ER Now facilities are in the works to be built in Amarillo within the next couple years.

Madison Alewel - NewsChannel 10